Ramen, maki rolls & curry katsu dishes in SW1

Bone Daddies Victoria, in the Nova development opposite Victoria station, is the latest addition to our little collection of Ramen Bars.

Alongside our classic ramens, here you can also enjoy – for the first time at Bone Daddies – a selection of maki rolls and curry katsu dishes. The restaurant is cozy and intimate, with plenty of seating across two levels, plus a few covers outside during warmer days. Come see what we’ve come up with this time round!

Got a question?

We can probably answer it here. If you need further help, though, please get in touch.

Booking Enquiries

Can I reserve a table for a large group even though you don’t normally take bookings?

We only take bookings for groups of 8 plus, and not during weekday lunches. Please call or drop us a line to reserve a space for any other times.

If your group is smaller than 8, please come by and we'll try to get you seated ASAP.

Can we come in just for drinks?

Most certainly. We have a bar area where you're welcome to grab a drink.

Can we have a quiet table?

We play rock music and our venue is small & lively. There really isn’t a particularly quiet table in the restaurant, but we do aim to keep the music volume to background level.

What’s your maximum party size?

We can accommodate up to 14 guests at on of our large tables. You can book this by calling or emailing us.

Food & Drinks

Do you serve wheat-free noodles?

‘Ramen’ stands for the noodle served in this type of Japanese soup, and as such it is traditionally a wheat noodle. We cannot currently substitute this, but we can omit the noodles and substitute with more of the vegetable dish ingredients.

Are you able to cater to coeliacs?

To an extent. We have a range of wheat-free dishes on the menu and can substitute the ramen noodles (see above). But we do use soy sauce rather liberally, which contains wheat in small quantities – so the suitable menu options depend on the degree of gluten intolerance. Give us a call, drop us a line or ask our team when you come in. They’ll be able to recommend something suitable.

Do you add MSG to any of your food?

With the exception of our MSG Ramen, specifically designed to contain MSG, none of our dishes and ingredients contain it.

Do you do take away?

Yes, we do. Please come in and order in person. Your food will be ready in minimal time.

I have a food intolerance or special dietary requirement I can’t find the answer to here. What do I do?

Give us a call, drop us a line or ask our team when you come in. They’ll almost always be able to recommend something suitable.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan. Is there something on the menu I can eat?

There are quite few vegetarian options on the menu, several of which may be adjusted to be suitable for vegans. We’re always working on adjusting and enhancing our menu, so dishes may change over time. Give us a call, drop us a line or ask our team when you come in. They’ll be able to recommend something suitable.

Is your meat halal?

Yes, our chicken is, when it is not deep-fried.

When are last orders/when does the kitchen close?

As per the timings on our website – when the doors close, last orders are taken, and the kitchen closes.

Other questions you might have

Do you have a baby changing facility?

Unfortunately not – our toilets are just too small. Our Kensington restaurant has one however.

Do you have a cloakroom?

We don’t have a dedicated cloakroom, but there are hooks for coats under our tables.

How do credit or debit card tips get distributed?

All tips are distributed amongst our waiting, bar and kitchen staff, after we've deducted any tax due.

Is it just the stool seating you have? No normal chairs?

We have a mix of low and high seating at Victoria. Depending on how busy the restaurant is, you can generally choose which you prefer.